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Xcellerate is a team of IT consultants on a mission to help you gain competitive advantage through technology

What we do

Xcellerate has a strong focus on services and solutions that improve productivity and agility for either IT or the business. Using well-established platforms such Microsoft SharePoint and Self-Service Portal (SSP), we design and implement web-based business apps, workflows, intranets, etc.

How we do it

We help IT departments to identify key areas where they can improve their service delivery or lead times and identify -and execute- those projects that have the highest impact on productivity.

Why we do it

IT professionals often see themselfs as "serving the business". Although this is partially true, IT should also be a leading the business in the right (technology) direction.

CIO and IT managers should be leading the pack. Very often all focus goes to daily operations ("keeping the lights on" as they say), pushing innovation to the background. As long as IT does not boost it's own value proposition, IT budgets will remain under pressure.

We love our clients

Xcellerate loves a good challenge. Our clients send us requests and present problem areas that need to be adressed. This makes us evaluate current systems and processes and think of new ways to do old things. Our clients make us better!


IT professional with about 20 years experience. Strong analytical skills, never quits before a solution is in place that works for you. Likes an intense game of squash to shake off any stress.



Looking for a new challenge and you understand how IT is challenged by the business anno 2016?

Systems Engineer?

IT Professional

Are you an IT professional enthusiast that knows the in and outs about Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint guru?

Microsoft SharePoint Pro

Our numbers

50 clients served
- 450 projects completed
80 coffee cups
-888150 lines of code

Our Services


Performance issues with systems, networks or applications? We offer our analytical skills to analyze, troubleshoot and fix issues with new and existing systems. Xcellerate is widely recognized by its partners and clients as an expert in troubleshooting.


For the last 12 years Xcellerate team members have been actively using platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Nintex, SSP, … to automate business processes. We learned all about how to translate an existing document driven or non-document driven process in your organization to faster, better and/or cheaper online version.


Xcellerate helps existing IT organizations to shift their focus from “keeping the lights on” to “providing added value to the business”. Years of real-life experience managing an MSP shop is used to improve existing IT operations or implement new solutions.

Contact us

You are welcome to contact us at any time.

Do you want to apply for a job or send us your recruiting opportunities? Send an e-mail at: jobs@xcellerate.be

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